A New Aesthetic for Text

A new way of displaying text inspired by the ideas of the New Aesthetic.

Reflecting History

How people are related by time and space.

The Ideological Guide

An iOS application to show the geopolitical relations between pavilions in the Venice Biennale.

Interactive Feed Wall

An interface to aggregate RSS-feeds that needs the presence of passers-by to show the content.

Light Printer

A light paint installation that allows you to 'light paint' an image with precision.

Generative Nature

A generative animation based on the characteristics of found foliage.

Future of the Book

How can tangible and intangible books be combined in the real world?


An audible representation of the moiré phenomena.


A new magazine layout, monogram and four different covers for typographic magazine U&Lc.

Bookmark Collection

A website where I can easily store and find artworks I found online.

Mobile Me

An infographic about the usage of my smartphone over the period of one month.

Dynamic Typography

A system that changes the characteristics of a glyph based on the text it is part of.

Mapping Architects

Video mapping information about an architect on to a self designed object in the architects style.