A New Aesthetic for Text

In the last couple of decades computers and associated technologies started playing an increasingly bigger part in our lives. The influence of these technologies is not just limited to our computers and telephones, it's present in almost every part of our society. As part of my graduation I wrote a thesis about The New Aesthetic, a term coined by media-theorist and designer James Bridle which implies a new aesthetic that's subject to technology. I researched the influence of technology on art and society on the basis of topics related to The New Aesthetic.

An important section of The New Aesthetic consists of the opportunities arising from technology that's becoming ever more accessible and less expensive. Examples are devices like the Kinect, Leap Motion and Google Glass that allow us to perceive the world in a new way. This new way of observing entails a new aesthetic, an aesthetic shaped by technology.

To present my thesis I build an installation that shows text using the inner working of a LCD display. On the basis of the subpixel grid of the display a custom font is made that is only legible when using an USB microscope. By making use of accessible, affordable technologies an aesthetic dependent on technology is created which reflects the textual content of the thesis in a visual way.