The Ideological Guide

The Ideological Guide to the Venice Biennale is a project where I cooperated with Roel Oortgiesen and Doeke Wartena as part of my graduation. The project was initiated by artist Jonas Staal to display how the Venice Biennale is influenced by geopolitical relationships from the present and the past.

For each participating pavilion a whole team of people gathered statistics and wrote a new opening text to explain the relation between the political situation in the country and the art in the pavilion. We were responsible for making this information available in the form of an application for smartphones. We were in charge of the actual programming of the iOS version of the application as well as the look-and-feel for which we closely collaborated with designer Remco van Bladel.

The main function of the application is to show and to compare the gathered information. Another important feature is the map that shows the user's location, the location of the pavilions and the routes to follow. This can all happen completely offline to prevent roaming costs. There a preset routes for among others the G8 and the Arabic League. When the user follows this routes he can explore the relations between all the pavilions in the route.